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Zapatero- politics of inaction

Can you see the resemblance between
Zapatero ( the president of Spain) and Mr. Bean?

Sadly, their appearance is not the only thing they share in common. Just as Mr. Bean is erratic and humorously dysfunctional, Zapatero, also, suffers these features.

Example1: Terrorists bomb T4 in Barajas, Madrid. In a press conference concerning this plot, he referred to it as an accident. AN ACCIDENT! Since when is the premeditated killing, by way of plastic explosives, of innocent, unarmed civilians considered "an accident"? He was not applaed by the bombing. He did not seem concerned with bringing justice to those involved. Some may call it a tongue slip. I think that this is not the case. He does not want to take action against the terrorists, ETA, for fear of causing more bloodshed. He is not leading his country, he is hiding behind political discourse and cleverly conceived words.

March 11 is another example. On this day ten bombs rocked the city of Madrid the weekend before the National elections. This terrorist attack was extremely politically weighted. The Socialist party PSOE was loosing by a considerable amount in the pre-election polls. This attack caused a massive change of voter choice seeing as the PSOE won by a landslide against the PP. And that later, the investigators were shut down at every turn. I will give you one guess as to whose people are shutting down the investigations.

Does anyone else find it quite convenient for Zapatero's government to be covering up an investigation of the greatest terrorist attack ever perpetrated in Spain in the entire history of this nation which also caused a major shift of power within government? 191 deaths and 1,500 wounded. Zapatero is not making progress with the fight against terror. There had been a time when I claimed that the government was affiliated with the attacks in order to gain power. I can, however, no longer believe this, but I can believe that they benefited from the acts of terrorists who also had a political agenda.

I understand these are extremely grave charges and I pray that no authorities opposed to my views read this report as it may be reason for prosecution.

The face of cowardice lies behind the face of Zapatero. His extreme liberal policies and wide spread tolerance are merely a mask for his insecurity since he does not want anyone to think he is an inept or discriminating leader. He will do WHATEVER it takes, say WHATEVER it takes, to keep the public on his side.

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